News  |  Oct 11, 2023  |  Anne Keener

2023 PINK Attire Day

  • 2023 PINK Attire Day

On October 10, 2023, Arora Engineers (Arora) proudly hosted its annual PINK Attire Day in a heartfelt display of support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This special occasion served as a platform for our team members to join hands in solidarity with those bravely battling cancer. For each staff member who shared a photo of themselves adorned in pink, Arora made a generous donation to the American Cancer Society.

This year, we were honored to witness an inspiring turnout, as a total of 50 Arora and EDI staff members enthusiastically participated in this meaningful event. It was a testament to our collective commitment to the cause.

The American Cancer Society, a stalwart in the fight against cancer, has been relentlessly working towards a world where cancer is no longer a threat. Since its inception in 1946, the organization has tirelessly invested over $5 billion in cancer research to uncover new treatments and shed light on the factors that may lead to this disease. Beyond research, the American Cancer Society tirelessly champions the well-being of individuals and their families affected by cancer through advocacy, scientific advancements, and unwavering patient support. Their mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to prevent, detect, treat, and ultimately conquer cancer.

At Arora, we take immense pride in contributing to this incredible organization’s noble cause. We extend our deepest gratitude to all our dedicated staff members who participated in this event. Your support embodies our commitment to making a positive impact and demonstrates that together, we can make a difference. Thank you!

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