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Arora Adds Capabilities to Geospatial Practice

  • Grafton Technologies, Inc.

With the acquisition of Grafton Technologies, Inc., Arora adds capabilities and resources to its Geospatial Practice. Grafton has worked to design, develop, implement, and maintain specialized airport data and systems for airports worldwide as well as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation.

Grafton’s staff helped develop the FAA’s Airports GIS data standard as documented in AC150/5300-18B as well as a similar standard for the Federal Geospatial Data Committee’s Framework Data Standards. The latter standard was integrated with the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model, which is being used in many countries throughout the world. The firm also helped write the FAA Airports GIS Implementation Plan and served as the GIS expert on the program’s Business Case Analysis.

Grafton has also provided support for numerous airport design and engineering contracts, including comprehensive design services for BWI Marshall and Martin State Airports, Philadelphia International Airport’s Capacity Enhancement Program, and runway design projects at assorted small-to-medium-sized airports. Other clients include the Abu Dhabi Airports Company, Los Angeles International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor, Portland International Jetport in Maine, and San Jose International Airport.

Like Arora’s existing Geospatial Team, the Grafton staff are focused on helping airports manage their infrastructure and physical assets. Their experience and expertise includes:

Strategic Planning

  • GIS Needs Assessment & Implementation Planning
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis and Procedure Development

Data Development

  • Development and Implementation of Spatial Data Standards
  • Database & Geodatabase Design
  • Aerial Photo Specifications and Photogrammetric Compilation
  • CAD, GIS and BIM Integration and Data Exchange
  • Data Conversion & Quality Assurance

System Design and Development

  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Application Design, Development, and Testing
  • GIS, CADD and Standards Training
  • Operations & Maintenance Support
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