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Arora Engineers Featured in Innovate Philadelphia

  • Arora Featured in Innovate Philadelphia

Arora recently participated in the production of Innovate Philadelphia, an extensive profile of industry leaders and innovators throughout the Philadelphia area. The 350-page book, which features over 150 organizations, was published by GlobalVillage.World and was supported by Thomas Jefferson University and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

Improve the Quality of Life by Rethinking Infrastructure®

Arora’s Innovate Philadelphia company profile details our focus on helping to integrate buildings with their systems and technology, which provides consistent communication between operators and customers, as well as a constant, reliable flow of information from the building itself to its stakeholders. Our primary goal is to support the directors and project managers who want advanced technology in place to better manage complex day-to-day functions.

We also introduced the latest on our Arora ATLAS® platform and the subsequent products from Arora Technology Group (ATG), a fully owned subsidiary of Arora. ATLAS® uses a unique combination of sensors and processes to integrate a wide variety of systems from across an enterprise, provide custom software development solutions, analysis, and design services, as well as provide integration and support for new and existing systems. ATLAS® allows facilities to track assets, analyze staff coverage, and ensure timely responses to incidents by combining information from previously disconnected systems. ATLAS® can also enhance non-aeronautical revenue by providing data on space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers of entry.

As we expand our effort to implement this state-of-the-art technology into our infrastructure projects, we are helping Philadelphia, and all the cities we work in, move closer to the true concept of a smart city. The ability to gather and analyze an abundance of data will ultimately lead to smarter solutions, safer facilities, and a push towards greater sustainability.

Manik Arora, PE – VIP Thought Leader

Manik Arora, PE, President & CEO, was also asked to contribute to the book as a Thought Leader. Manik discussed the infrastructure of Philadelphia as being an eclectic mix of historical and modern, but that it is quickly exceeding its capacity. Therefore, in a time of much needed revitalization, we have an opportunity to incorporate the most advanced technology into our building designs which will help improve operational efficiency and enhance the user experience.

“I truly believe the spirit and passion of this great sports city drives innovation and inspires us to provide more intelligent solutions for the world around us,” explains Manik. “As Philadelphia follows a growing trend and continues to invest in major infrastructure improvement, Arora Engineers is excited and prepared to apply these innovative solutions and improve the lives of everyday people in the process.”

Check out our story and many more from our region in this exciting publication today!

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