News  |  Oct 29, 2019  |  Arora

Arora Becomes an Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner

  • Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner

Arora, a Silver Partner with Esri, was recently approved as an Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner. According to Esri, “Partners in the ArcGIS Indoors Specialty are recognized for their knowledge and expertise in indoor mapping for use in creating connected workspaces. They are ready to engage with you to define a best approach for implementing ArcGIS Indoors for your organization so everyone across the workplace has access to curated indoor maps, resulting in improved operations and mobility, and an empowered workplace.”

The ArcGIS Indoors platform utilizes data from sensors, facility systems, and a facility database to provide real-time analytics and awareness to help enhance the user experience for both staff and visitors. Through ArcGIS, building occupants can:

  • Enable a digital workspace experience for managing and planning space utilization
  • Optimize time for field technicians to navigate and locate assets that require repair or maintenance
  • Provide real-time visibility for operations to address IoT device alerts, faults, and alarms
  • Deploy and support both mobile and desktop indoors navigation solutions
  • Provide a framework for performance-based asset management

Arora’s Geospatial Services

Arora’s geospatial services include implementing and enhancing Esri software solutions, enterprise GIS asset data modeling, mobile data collection and configuration, and the development of configurable applications for clients’ specific business processes. Arora understands that at the core of any successful enterprise geospatial solution is the utilization of data standards, policies, procedures, and the integration of existing legacy systems, all while considering the context of and appropriately adjusting or accommodating the client’s business processes. Arora’s Geospatial Practice works with clients to create and expand their geospatial capabilities in a direction that leverages existing data, while also modernizing their system to take advantage of new technologies.

Arora is very proud to continue building their partnership with Esri and to explore the future of high-tech solutions and services.

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