News  |  Sep 03, 2019  |  Arora

Arora Launches Groundbreaking Venue and Work Order Management Platforms

  • New Venue and Work Order Management Platforms
  • New Venue and Work Order Management Platforms
  • New Venue and Work Order Management Platforms

CHADDS FORD, PA – Arora is expanding their services to include managing the full, technological integration of infrastructure systems through the Arora ATLAS® platform, which will significantly enhance the customer experience as well as vastly improve a facility’s overall operational efficiency.

Through the digital transformation of data, data analysis and IoT, artificial intelligence, and enterprise integrations and asset management, the Arora team is able to integrate a wide variety of sensors and systems from across an enterprise, provide custom software development solutions, analysis, and design services, as well as provide integration and support for new and existing systems. Their current, fully adaptable platforms include:

  • ATLAS Work Management (AWM): ATLAS Work Management (AWM) introduces mobility and Geospatial integration into the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) landscape. AWM is designed with facilities operators and maintenance in mind. The user-friendly interface is designed by technicians, for technicians, and allows for the stress-free management of assets and work orders in the field. Integrations with leading EAM providers also make it adaptable for almost any facilities management scenario.
  • Venue Management Platform (VMP): The ATLAS Venue Management Platform (VMP) is designed to allow owners to take control of their facilities’ floor plans. VMP allows organizations with multiple buildings, public access, changing floor plans, or multiple locations to easily manage and maintain accurate and timely facilities floor plan data. With VMP, owners have all their up-to-date floor plans in a single location and have the ability to easily share that information with anyone who needs it.
  • TRAX SmartRestrooms: TRAX SmartRestrooms is a smart technology-driven solution that gathers key data from restrooms and utilizes it to fit the needs of each client. This could include restroom user throughput, restroom user feedback, smart stall occupancy, etc. This information helps improve the operational efficiency of custodial teams by providing real time maintenance data, assists in streamlining cleaning activity and inventory management, and provides accurate reporting data to administrative and supervisory staff.


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