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Arora Launches New Wellness Program for All Employees

  • Arora's New Wellness Program

In partnership with Wellworks For You, Arora has launched a new wellness program for all employees. Arora understands the importance of both physical and mental health and has consistently promoted the wellness of our employees through a variety of benefits, including weekly fruit deliveries and a full gym at our headquarters. Wellworks For You is a more structured, company-wide program that educates employees and seeks to help them cultivate a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

The Importance of Wellness Promotion in the Workplace

According to Wellworks, the workplace is one of the best environments to “promote healthy habits,” as many adults spend the majority of their time there. Therefore, the program seeks to engage employees and help them implement healthy habits into their lives. The program also outlines the overwhelming importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle, both for the company, and more importantly for the individual:

  • 80% of healthcare claims are attributed to preventable illness.
  • Preventing disease is critical to helping people live longer, healthier lives, and keeping health care costs down.
  • By making simple lifestyle changes, you can help prevent long-term conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and high cholesterol.

Wellworks For Arora

The program includes a variety of wellness activities that employees can participate in to earn a rewards card, based on the amount of points they have collected throughout the year. These activities include:

  • A personal health assessment – An assessment to be completed by the employee.
  • A complete physician’s physical – This information will help inform the personal health assessment and give employee’s a great baseline for their overall health profile.
  • Preventative exams – These can include dental, vision, dermatology, etc.
  • Physical activity – This includes a log of any physical activity you engage in, including walking, gym visits, fitness classes, etc.
  • Online health webinars and an eLearning series – These sessions include information on physical activity, stress management, nutrition, etc.
  • Company wellness challenges – These company-wide challenges will be scheduled throughout the year (e.g. step challenges).

The goal of this program is to incorporate healthy habits into our employees’ lifestyles through an interactive, educational program that informs and inspires them to take time to focus on their health every day!

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