News  |  Feb 16, 2021  |  Anne Keener

Arora Technology Group, LLC Introduces Arora ATLAS®

  • ATG Introduces Arora ATLAS

CHADDS FORD, PA – Building upon decades spent Rethinking Infrastructure®, Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) formed Arora Technology Group, LLC (ATG) in 2016 to help our clients centralize the critical asset data collected by their disparate smart systems.

After 5+ years of agile development in close coordination with clients from multiple market sectors, ATG has established Arora ATLAS®, an enterprise level suite of mobile products designed to simplify and enhance asset management through the seamless convergence of asset and location data. Following the successful implementation of ATLAS for numerous national clients, ATG is debuting the platform’s first three modules – ATLAS Fix, ATLAS Inspect, and ATLAS Supply. These on-the-go mobile tools are helping our clients to rethink mobile maintenance, inspections, and supply chain.

Arora ATLAS® Fix activates your maintenance operations by connecting work management and location services.

Arora ATLAS® Inspect enhances your inspections by enabling location services.

Arora ATLAS® Supply enables real-time inventory management through mobility and location services.

The ATLAS platform combines GIS mapping, integrations with leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) providers, and data collected by a unique combination of sensors and processes. This information is used to identify required maintenance, understand user flow for the coordination of maintenance schedules, and provide valuable, real-time statistics to facility managers. The platform allows stakeholders to track assets, analyze staff coverage, and ensure timely responses to incidents by combining data from previously disconnected systems to create a unified information platform.

“We focus on helping to integrate facilities with their systems and technology, which provides consistent communication between operators and customers, as well as a constant, reliable flow of information from the building itself to its stakeholders,” said Manik K. Arora, PE, chief visionary and leader of Arora and its subsidiaries. “Our primary goal is to support the directors and project managers who want advanced technology in place to better manage complex day-to-day functions.”

ATLAS is a product resulting from 35 years of ingenuity, developed with insight from the professionals at Arora who identified a need among their clients for a mobile integration tool that gives facility managers a wholistic view of the data they need most, all in one easy-to-use mobile interface. ATLAS provides stakeholders with access to actionable information that helps reduce operational expenses, streamline processes, manage systems and teams more effectively, and improves the experience of customers and technicians alike.

The Information provided by ATLAS is presented in a way that supports smart decisions for smarter infrastructure, ultimately creating a smoother customer experience. ATLAS was recently deployed by a Large Hub US Airport to do just that.

This airport sought a partner to help them to maximize their Maximo EAM software. Between incomplete data and inconsistent processes, many groups within the organization were struggling to adopt the system as a natural part of day-to-day operations. They needed a partner to help them address the department’s most pressing needs. These included improved financial management via reliability centered maintenance, airport regulatory compliance, terminal inspections, safety management, transitioning away from paper-based processes, and integrations with their GIS systems.

ATG implemented the ATLAS Fix and Inspect modules, in conjunction with Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI), a subsidiary of Arora. These modules assisted the airport in migrating from their previously under-utilized system, which resulted in delayed work start times, lost work orders, bypassing the work order system, and lack of data for performing data analysis. These mobile solutions assisted the authority in performing documented maintenance activities. The Fix solution helped this airport client improve their work order process, while the Inspect solution helped the authority perform critical terminal inspections. Learn more about this specific implementation in one of our upcoming project spotlight pieces.

Contact ATG today to allow our team to help your organization consolidate the critical asset data you need all in one easy-to-use mobile interface. Our experts will work with your team to determine which Arora ATLAS® modules are most appropriate for your facility to not only meet the complex needs your facility today, but for years to come.

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