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Arora Tours Italy on Foot

  • Italy Walking Challenge - Venice
  • Italy Walking Challenge - Milan
  • Italy Walking Challenge - Florence
  • Italy Walking Challenge - Rome
  • Italy Walking Challenge - Naples

In partnership with Wellworks For You, Arora recently launched a new wellness program for all employees. Arora understands the importance of both physical and mental health and has consistently promoted the wellness of our employees through a variety of benefits. Wellworks For You is a more structured, company-wide program that educates employees and seeks to help them cultivate a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Along with webinars and an eLearning series, Wellworks hosts friendly, company-wide wellness challenges, both individual and team, for our employees to participate in throughout the year. These challenges not only promote health and wellness, but also collaboration and relationship building throughout our offices.

Italy Walking Challenge

Arora’s first team walking challenge is a virtual walking tour through Italy! This six-week journey begins in Venice, making stops in Milan, Florence, and Rome, before finishing in Naples. Employees were randomly organized into 8 teams, who worked together to create their team names and logos before the challenge started:

  • Suole d’Italia
  • Indigo 7500
  • Blue Flamingos
  • End Game
  • Skywalkers
  • Agony O’ De Feet
  • Striden
  • The Walking Red

Requirements and Incentives

  • In order to complete the challenge, each employee must average 7,500 steps a day.
  • If they complete the challenge, they earn 25 points toward the overall Wellness Program. A total of 200 points by the end of our “Wellness Year” will earn the employee a $200 gift card.
  • The 2nd Place Team, based on team averages, will receive a $75 gift card per team member.
  • The 1st Place Team, based on team averages, will receive a $150 gift card per team member.

Good luck to all the participants and enjoy your virtual tour through Bella Italia!

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