News  |  Aug 02, 2023  |  Christyn Binder

Celebrating Arora’s Global Expansion with the Inauguration of Monyx Engineers Private Limited

  • Monyx Team
  • Monyx Team
  • Monyx Team

Arora Engineers is thrilled to announce the opening and inauguration of Monyx Engineers Private Limited (Monyx), a fully owned subsidiary of Arora!

Monyx is Arora’s new international organization and team based in Bengaluru, India, and is operating as our Global Design Center to support our international expansion in India, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond as well as supporting our clients in the US. This exciting new global design and technology center will enable seamless project delivery worldwide, and Monyx’s dedicated team of experts combine international expertise with local insight to deliver innovative solutions. This expansion, team, and resources will enable all the Arora companies to continue to deliver cutting edge technology, design, and construction phase services to our current and prospective clients across the world.

Leading this charge is Monyx’s CEO, Balamurali (Bala) Rengasami, who will draw upon his client side and consulting experience managing multi-billion-dollar, full-lifecycle professional services for international infrastructure projects to lead Arora’s global expansion and oversee Monyx staff and operations.

A Leader with a Vision

Bala is a seasoned expert in the design, technology, construction, and management of multi-billion-dollar international infrastructure projects, including roles as Head of Design at Bangalore International Airport, Senior Design Manager for the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport expansion, and Project Architect for the new, greenfield Hyderabad International Airport. With over three decades of experience, including almost 20 years dedicated to running mega airport programs, Bala possesses a unique blend of expertise and insights. His exceptional track record in overseeing the design of large-scale airport terminal projects in India highlights his ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver outstanding results.

Expanding our Global Design Presence

Monyx will support our global expansion plans by establishing a state-of-the-art design and technology center in India, and under Bala’s leadership, will drive the growth of our international operations and presence. Monyx leverages the expertise of local professionals and Arora’s team of subject matter experts to provide valuable services to our global clients. This international expansion aligns seamlessly with our vision statement, “To be a Leader and Innovator in Rethinking Infrastructure,” showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in infrastructure solutions.

Comprehensive Professional Services

Monyx and Arora will leverage our 225+ global staff to offer a wide range of services and solutions, consistent with those of the parent company Arora, specific to the diverse needs of complex infrastructure projects and clients. Our team provides Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), along with mobile tools, consulting, software and implementation services, ensuring efficient and effective operations and management of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Our international design and technology services will mirror those our clients know us for in the US, with a focus on facility special systems/technology/IT, fire/life safety, electrical, and mechanical/HVAC/plumbing engineering. Additionally, outside of the building we have a dedicated airfield and airside electrical group spanning runway and taxiway lighting, highmast lighting, NAVAIDS, eGSE charging, and passenger boarding bridge (PBB) systems. We will also internationally focus on expanding our team and capabilities in construction management & inspection/program management services.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Monyx will serve as a hub of collaboration and innovation, facilitating the seamless execution of global projects. By bringing together talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, Monyx fosters a dynamic work environment that encourages creative problem-solving and client-focused solutions. With the support of Arora’s expertise and a growing team of professionals, Monyx delivers innovative solutions to transform international infrastructure.

The inauguration of Monyx represents an exciting milestone in Arora’s global expansion journey. Under the capable leadership of Bala Rengasami, Monyx serves as a hub of design and technology excellence, supporting projects in the US, India, Asia, the Middle East and beyond. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, together we look forward to reshaping the future of infrastructure design and reinforce our position as a leader and innovator in the industry.

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