News  |  Jul 09, 2020  |  Anne Keener

EDI Specializes in Quick Turnaround Projects

EDI recently finished a quick turnaround Application Upgrade and Operations & Maintenance Enhancements Project for a client. Working with IBM, they supported a lift and shift migration and database conversion from the client’s existing hosting environment to an IBM Cloud Delivery Services SaaS environment. In addition, EDI completed an application upgrade from 10.2 to 10.6.1. Upgrade Level of Effort was high due to existing defects and enhancement requirements that had to be included in the delivery. In tandem, use of the Capital Projects module was assessed and data cleanup and system process updates were provided.

In less than 22 hours, the application was successfully upgraded for a highly customized Operations & Maintenance module, v10.2, with many features reverted back to v10.6.1 out of the box functionality. This included over 2,000 custom objects, of which almost two-thirds had to be merged with 10.6.1 enhancements. This also included the modernization of over 500,000 client records via patch helper workflows. TRELLO, Microsoft Teams, and Object Migration tracking processes were utilized in the orchestration, instrumentation and automation. These tools were invaluable as they alleviated some of the heavy lifting.

“What made the upgrade so successful was the drive our teammates, who stepped up and made full use of each other’s talents. We have a great group!” said EDI Systems Developer James Lopez.

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