News  |  Jul 21, 2021  |  Anne Keener

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Sultanik, AIA, LEED AP, PMP, Senior Project Manager

1. How did you come to do what you do? Was this a lifelong goal?
I’m a licensed architect by profession. I’ve always been interested in design and construction since I was a little kid building forts with blankets and chairs in the living room. That passion grew to dog houses and tree houses. By the time I started high school, I knew I wanted to become an architect. Between high school and college, I served in the US Navy, but never let go of my goal of becoming an Architect.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job? What motivates you?
I get the greatest satisfaction from spending months, or even years, working with and leading teams designing projects to meet a client’s needs and then to finally watch all that effort become a reality. To me, every project poses new design challenges which keeps the work exciting and I’m fortunate enough work on a great variety of project types.

3. What makes you unique and different?
I believe that my background sets me apart from others. I’ve lived all over the country and traveled the world, both while serving in the military and out, and have used those experiences to better relate to people of different backgrounds on a personal level and to appreciate their varied approaches to design solutions. I feel this has been helpful in connecting to and serving my clients.

4. What are your favorite types of projects to work on?
I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a great variety of projects. From small recreation center renovations to large airport projects; from municipal to industrial projects, I enjoy them all. Occasionally, I encounter projects that, for any of a multitude of reasons, are never actually built. So, I would have to say my favorite type of project are the projects that ultimately get built.

5. What are your future career goals?
I would like to continue developing my Project Management skills into a leadership role establishing common approaches and procedures to manage projects and to guide others in developing their project management skills within our company.

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