News  |  Aug 22, 2017  |  Arora

Enhancing Intelligent Infrastructure with Arora ATLAS®

CHADDS FORD, PA – Arora Technology Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arora Engineers, Inc., is expanding the scope of their services and working to make systems infrastructure smarter and more connected to better serve their clients. Specifically, in aviation, the firm is employing the use of new geospatial technologies and identifying the processes that connect airport systems to improve operations and enhance the passenger experience.

The firm is Rethinking Infrastructure® by connecting previously disparate systems through process based integration using the Arora ATLAS® platform. This methodology allows campus infrastructure in Aviation, Education and Transportation to realize the value of the data generated by the wide variety of sensors and systems in use throughout their enterprise.  Specifically, in airports, by creating actionable information and providing it to stakeholders through multi-channel delivery mechanisms, the ATLAS platform enables more efficient and effective operations that improve passenger experiences, increase non-aeronautical revenue and reduce operational expenses.

Arora Technology Group recently adopted the Atrius™ IoT framework from Acuity Brands to enhance and expand the capabilities of the Arora ATLAS platform.  The ATLAS platform leverages a wide variety of sensors and devices enabled with Atrius (part of the Atrius Sensory Network), and Atrius Platform Services (such as indoor positioning) to collect data from an airport’s building systems, passenger boarding bridges and other connected IoT networks.  The collected data is then processed through the ATLAS platform, combined with other relevant data and used to improve airport operations.

“We are very proud and excited to work with Acuity Brands, Inc. and to continue to expand the scope of our capabilities and services,” says Manik Arora, PE, President & CEO. “The continued partnership of these enhanced products and platforms will help us to significantly advance the future of intelligent infrastructure, and allow our clients to improve their business operations and provide a first-rate experience to the public.”

As Arora Technology Group continues to expand the capabilities of Arora ATLAS, this adaptable platform will be able to connect a variety of systems in the built environment and allow for critical data to be delivered to stakeholders when needed. This data integration and delivery is critical to enhancing intelligent infrastructure and will play a pivotal role when discussing the future development of “smart cities.”


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