Arora ATLAS®

Arora Technology Group, LLC

Arora Technology Group’s ATLAS platform provides the capability to integrate a wide variety of sensors and systems from across an enterprise. Arora also provides custom development solutions, analysis and design services as well as integration and support for new and existing systems. Organizations can rely on Arora’s industry knowledge and experience to provide the best overall solution design. Arora ATLAS® has an open API to allow our platform to push or pull data from other applications or existing sites, systems, or interfaces.


Physical Movement Modulearrow

The Arora ATLAS® Physical Movement Module provides the facility information to integrate and connect disparate systems in order to provide a complete understanding of various sensor based movement tools, layered on the facilities GIS maps.

  • Queue Management System: The Queue Management System enables operations to get realtime, predictive, and historic queue wait time data. This includes TSA checkpoints, curbside taxi and bus lines, and other queuing applications. Our system can use any combination of beacons, video, or thermal sensors.
  • Movement Analytics: The Movement Analytics Platform provides a tool for organizations to measure global traffic flow throughout their locations and get zone based statistics and trends.

ATLAS_Movement analytics_platforms

  • Location Services: The Location Services Platform provides a turn by turn navigation application to extend the GPS capabilities of devices to indoor locations by using native applications and location services technologies. 
  • Fleet Management: The Fleet Management Platform assists organizations with understanding the location and use of corporate owned movable assets with a separate analytics dashboard.
Facilities Management Modulearrow

The Facilities Management Module provides a dashboard to monitor, manage and maintain assets. This includes an asset data platform, building systems analytics that leverage the power of IoT solutions, and space management tools to help organize and define locations and assets.

  • Asset Data Platform: The Asset Data Platform provides a centralized asset management tool that integrates the asset record, documentation, and maintenance management.
  • Building Systems Analytics: The Building Systems Analytics Platform interacts with various sensors and systems to gather, analyze, and present data from base building systems to inform and trigger actions which allow for more efficient, precise and proactive facilities management. These include but are not limited to Elevators, Escalators, MEP, Fire, and Security Systems.
  • Space Management Platform: The Space Management Platform enables management of facility, campus and enterprise locations using GIS focused, geographic coordinate system.
Situational Awareness Modulearrow

The Arora ATLAS® Situational Awareness Module provides a dashboard and interface to manage, monitor and respond more effectively and efficiently to a variety of situations. This includes tying into video management systems, deriving information from crowdsourced data and a powerful configurable rules engine that guides responders through the planned strategic response to an incident.

ATLAS_Situational Awareness

  • Incident Identification: The Incident Identification Platform allows the facility to turn every enterprise device into an extension of the existing security system. The Visual Intelligence Control Center provides the capability for mobile devices to become extensions of the enterprise VMS and to help identify and react to incidents as they happen in real-time.
  • Situation Management: The Situation Management System provides a deep, feature rich rule set for managing and responding to a variety of incidents from outages and breakdowns to accidents and security threats.
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