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LEED-ing Sustainable Projects

  • LEEDing Sustainable Projects

Arora incorporates the principles of sustainability in all aspects of our design efforts. Whether new or renovated, we strive to build energy efficient systems that improve environmental conditions, save energy, and maximize operational efficiency. Arora provides sustainability codes and regulations consulting and can help coordinate LEED submissions and credits for better cost savings. Below are our current LEED certified team members:

LEED Certified Team Members

Arora provides engineering and technology design services which incorporate the latest developments in energy conservation and resource efficiency, improve indoor air quality, and minimize environmental impacts. The firm leverages our extensive technical expertise and proven experience working with diverse project stakeholders to ensure that Mechanical and Electrical designs specify high-efficiency equipment and fixtures, and heating and cooling systems that feature high efficiency air handling equipment and plumbing systems which minimize the use of domestic water and reduce the energy used for generating domestic hot water.

Arora is committed to leveraging the latest digital technologies to seamlessly integrate sustainability solutions for clients in the aviation, commercial, and transportation industries, and has invested considerable personnel and capital to research and develop cutting-edge, custom digital solutions to help our clients effectively monitor, deploy, and conserve resources. Presently, the firm is implementing the following technologies at airports across the nation:

Digital Transformation of previously manual tasks

  • Converted work, asset, inventory, and data management that may previously have required countless amounts of paper and paper products to a digital platform, in which manual maintenance of the aforementioned features has become largely obsolete.
  • These digitized platforms leverage mobile device technology and IoT sensors to assist with the automation of previously manual tasks.

Implementation of Cloud solutions

  • The use of cloud solutions and third-party cloud providers allows the firm to provide its clientele with solutions and programs that do not require the purchasing of physical hardware. This creates immediate savings for the customer, while also reducing the waste that inevitably results from hardware upgrades and maintenance as time progresses. Additionally, clients reduce their carbon footprint through the reduced infrastructure demands on resources like energy for power and cooling of on-premises devices.

Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT)

  • By leveraging various IoT technologies, we are able to accurately monitor resources and inventory usage and return the resulting measurements to those responsible for their maintenance. This may facilitate less resource waste or over-use, resulting in longer inventory lifespan, and leading to fewer unnecessary orders and re-stocking. This, in turn, can reduce emissions of delivery trucks and product packaging waste.
  • IoT instruments may also be used to monitor the lifecycle of countless industry assets, which may lead to a longer overall lifespan of tools, assets, internal systems, and building infrastructure.
  • IoT sensors also help organizations monitor and control their sustainability goals. The power of IoT allows organizations key insights into the usage of critical resources, carbon footprints, compliance with sustainability requirements, and other sustainability factors.

Additionally, efforts will be made to specify Energy Star-qualified products for all US EPA-listed project categories. Arora has developed implementation strategies for mitigation measures that can support reduction in operating costs and energy conservation, such as:

  • Resource Allocation Management – using a collaborative decision management process to manage the power supply, space conditioning, and lighting of facilities.
  • Building Energy Management and a focus on Energy Star-qualified systems.
  • Alternative Energy Source applications, including provisions for wind energy purchases, solar electrical and solar thermal and alternative fuels.
  • Virtualization of networks, applications, servers, communication rooms, and workstations.

Arora is committed to innovative GREEN initiatives, and is taking positive steps to create energy-optimized design and technological solutions, including:

  • Digital transformation of previously manual tasks
  • Displacement ventilation systems
  • Whole building energy modeling
  • Implementation of the Internet of Things
  • On-site renewable energy systems
  • Water conservation designs
  • Lighting systems
  • Geothermal systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar energy
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Wind turbines
  • Radiant heating and cooling systems

The following is a list of the projects that Arora has provided services for that have achieved LEED Certification or are being designed to achieve LEED Certification.

LEED Gold CertificationLEED Gold Certifications:

  • Massachusetts Port Authority, Terminal E Enhancements, Boston Logan International Airport, Boston, MA: LEED BD+C New Construction 
  • City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Property, Philadelphia Police Department’s New Bomb/SWAT/K-9 Facility, Philadelphia, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction 
  • Zoological Society of Philadelphia, Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo and Education Center, Philadelphia, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • Kansas City Airport Department, New Single Terminal and Parking, Kansas City International Airport, Kansas City, MO: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • San Jose International Airport, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facility, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Central Terminal Building, LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY: LEED v4
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, LGA Terminal B Sapphire Lounge, LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY: LEED ID+C (projected)
  • Massachusetts Port Authority, BOS Terminal C-B Connector Sapphire Lounge, Boston International Airport, MA: LEED ID+C (projected)

LEED Silver Certifications

LEED Silver Certifications:

  • City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation, Terminal F Baggage Claim Building, Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • SEPTA, 15th St. Station Renovation and Dilworth Plaza Early Action Phase, Philadelphia, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Property, The Martin Luther King Older Adult Center, Philadelphia, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • Pennsylvania Department of General Services, Hickory Run State Park Visitor’s Center, White Haven, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • Community College of Philadelphia Career and Advanced Technology Center: LEED BD+C New Construction
  • City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Property, Mann OAC Recreation Center, Philadelphia, PA: LEED BD+C New Construction (projected)
  • City of Philadelphia, Office of Emergency Management, New Philadelphia Police Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA: LEED ID+C (projected)
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