News  |  Apr 20, 2017  |  Arora

LVIA Multi-Modal Transportation Center Construction Update

Construction for the new Multi-Modal Transportation Center at Lehigh Valley International Airport is progressing on schedule and is expected to open in the summer of 2017. The underground utilities are currently being routed and the structural steel is being put in place as the building begins to take its shape. The project has been carefully planned to avoid any disruptions to operations at the airport.

The $5 million project will provide passengers with improvements like reduced walking distances to car rental operations, weather protected walkways, seven designated berths for local bus services, and elimination of passenger/vehicle conflict points. The new facility will also provide consolidated rental car operations, wayfinding upgrades, and increased taxi service and roadway improvements to make the airport more accessible to area residents.

Arora is providing on-site construction management services for the project. In addition, Arora provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, wayfinding, security, and communications design for the new center.

Video updates of the Multi-Modal Transportation Center construction can be viewed at Lehigh Valley International Airport’s YouTube site.


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