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Meet Balamurali Rengasami, CEO of Monyx Engineers Private Limited

  • Employee Spotlight Bala Rengasami

Meet Balamurali (Bala) Rengasami, the current Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of Monyx Engineers Private Limited (Monyx), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arora Engineers. Monyx is situated in Bengaluru, India.

Mr. Rengasami brings three decades of experience to his role, specializing in the design and management of multi-billion-dollar international infrastructure projects. This impressive portfolio includes 20 years dedicated to overseeing Mega airport programs in cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. What sets Mr. Rengasami apart is his unique experience in managing key design roles from the inception to completion of two different types of airport programs, encompassing greenfield and brownfield projects. He excels in managing various design disciplines, with a specific focus on sustainability and technology, having successfully delivered three-billion-dollar airport programs, the largest being a 4.5 million square foot passenger terminal. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal role in leading efforts to bid for the privatization of Mumbai and Delhi airports.

His academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in architecture from NIT, Bhopal, an executive MBA (PGPMAX) from ISB, Hyderabad, and ongoing studies in the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) program at Wharton Business School, Pennsylvania.

Under Bala Rengasami’s capable leadership, Monyx has evolved into a hub of design and technology excellence, supporting projects not only in the US and India but also across Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. As an integral part of Arora’s international expansion, Monyx serves as the global design and technology hub, facilitating seamless project delivery on a worldwide scale. Committed to delivering expert professional services and technology solutions consistent with those of its parent company, Arora, Monyx seamlessly combines international expertise with local insight to provide innovative solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.

In his capacity as CEO, Mr. Rengasami leads Monyx and Arora’s global expansion plans and operations, overseeing large-scale infrastructure projects. He is also responsible for implementing innovative quality control, sustainability practices, and value engineering methods to optimize project outcomes.

Mr. Rengasami was recently featured in the July 2023 issue Director Today, the monthly journal of the Institute of Directors, India, which warmly welcomes IOD Life Members and showcases them in a profile.

For more information about Monyx, click here.

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