News  |  Jul 27, 2023  |  Anne Keener

National Intern Day 2023!

  • National Intern Day

Arora Engineers (Arora) is proud to celebrate National Intern Day! National Intern Day, observed on the last Thursday of July, is a day devoted to acknowledging and commemorating the future leaders of the world: our interns.

Arora is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of professionals. Through our co-op program, students are presented with invaluable opportunities to acquire essential skills while enjoying a fulfilling learning experience. Join us in celebrating National Intern Day as we introduce our newest interns:

Chawla, SawanSawan Chawla – Data Analyst Intern“I currently am a student attending Virginia Tech University! I am majoring in Business Information Technology (BIT) and minoring in Data and Decisioning. I look forward to being a part of bringing the potential changes and innovations that Arora Engineers can bring to the real world as well as continuing to test my limits by undertaking projects and challenges head on. Some of the things outside of work I enjoy doing include dancing, working out, listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, and making meaningful connections.”


Chen,-BrianBrian Chen – Fire/Life Safety Intern: “Currently, I am a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland majoring in Fire Protection Engineering. The thing I am most looking forward to learning during my internship at Arora is basically as much as I can about the Fire Protection industry! I also generally want to see what it is like to work on these projects. One of the most valuable new skills I’ve learned during my internship so far is learning how to navigate building and fire codes. I’ve also learned about the importance of asking questions to further your career. Since I have no prior career experience, asking as many questions as I can think of helps me better understand my work, as well as learning about my future career. Outside of work, I like to keep up with current events, hang out with my friends, watch “Jeopardy,” and play the piano and trombone.”


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