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16 Ways to Optimize Your Asset Management System

  • 16 Ways to Optimize Your Asset Management System

Many asset management teams do not have a formal Core Team. And for those that do, they tend to focus on CMMS upgrades, configuration, and add-ons. The success or failure of the CMMS depends heavily on the Core Team and CMMS Administrator. And to be truly successful, the Core Team needs to find ways to consistently improve efficiency, reliability, and job safety.

Here are 16 ways to optimize, with an emphasis on CMMS design:

  1. Review mission/vision statement, identify endgame, link goals to ROA, and ensure goal alignment.
  2. Establish a Strategic Asset Management Plan & policy document.
  3. Procure a configurable CMMS to support a reliability framework for asset management.
  4. Build a roadmap to the endgame and Long-Range Plan (LRP).
  5. Create a CMMS Utilization Plan.
  6. Create/maintain a prioritized punchlist.
  7. Employ a Business Analyst: Conduct process and data audits, find inefficiencies, keep pulse of working level, manage culture, and pursue Shingo OP EX.
  8. Perform aggressive benchmarking: Conduct research (books, magazines, Internet), attend training/conferences, visit other companies, seek peer-to-peer knowledge, and request consultant input.
  9. Perform precision maintenance training.
  10. Set up closed loop processes to support continuous refinement of maintenance strategies and failure modes (i.e. living program).
  11. Pursue advanced processes which provide the greatest ROI, such as RCA, CFA, defect elimination, and formal work order feedback.
  12. Design the CMMS to support reliability engineering.
  13. Pursue chronic failure analysis (CFA) which offers the greatest opportunity to reduce O&M costs: Capture validated failure mode on the work order, develop failure analytic dynamic drill-down on failure modes, and create a Reliability Team.
  14. Create a new app in CMMS to store RCM Analysis.
  15. Evaluate new technology & listen for new ideas that support the endgame.
  16. Pursue asset management certifications.
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