CLT Joint Operations Center

CLT Joint Operations Center

The City of Charlotte, Aviation Department is building a Joint Operations Center (JOC) for Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) Operations, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The proposed JOC will be 39,278 square feet, and will include a public lobby, CLT server/data center, incident command center (ICC), and a redundant data center.


Arora was retained as a Prime consultant to Charlotte Douglas International Airport to provide 30% Schematic Design Technology Drawings and systems engineering for the Joint Operations Center, including Data Interface, Integration Functional Requirements, PC Free and Video Collaboration Functional Diagrams, Ergonomics, Meetings and Presentations, and Proof of Concept. The scope of work includes the following tasks:

Task 1: Arora is preparing Schematic Design Drawings, which will include:

  • FFE Floor Plans and Specifications. FFE floor plans will be developed based on the selected layout option at 15% stage
  • Ergonomics assessment for the purposes of design layout
  • Video wall diagrams
  • Conference and team meeting space diagrams
  • PC room equipment layouts and rack elevations
  • Updating ROM to SD level detailed cost estimate
  • Systems by workstations and staffing matrix updated
  • Provide feedback to AE team to finalize underfloor cabling locations

Task 2: Arora is performing data interference, integration functional requirements, PC free and video collaboration function diagrams, including:

  • Identification of data sets required to be consumed and or available via
  • GIS/City works for the purposes of situational management and operations in matrix form.
    • Data sets required will include a comprehensive analysis and assessment to complete the data sets to ready them for usefulness as part of this interface and integration.
  • Functional relationship diagrams between systems requiring interface or integrations and identification of communicational protocol
  • Video management/collaboration functional diagram
  • PC free functional diagrams
  • Arora will provide existing system upgrades, modifications and/or replacements required to ready the systems for future situational awareness use. This analysis and recommendations will examine closely the use of existing systems and feasibility of upgrading or replacing existing systems.
    • Based on the options, Arora will build a proof of concept based on the situational awareness model selected.
  • As part of this task, Arora will also research and identify all the operation systems that require the internet, an external WAN connection or connection to the City Network to operate. Arora will categorize these into critical, needed and not critical categories and provide reconditions and mitigation strategies for the systems if they lose connection to the internet and or city network. These recommendations may be processes, hardware or software based or additional incoming services recommendations.

Task 3: Ergonomics

  • The ergonomics assessment and recommendations from the 15% design will be continued into 30% design to elaborate on those for the purposes of bringing ergonomic elements to a 30% design level.

Task 4: Meetings and Presentations

  • Arora will attend weekly team meetings via conference call, in addition to 3 on-site, 3-day workshops/presentations

Task 5: Proof of Concept

  • Building and test PC free, video collaboration environment on small scale and demo to CLT.

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