CLT Signage and Wayfinding Masterplan

CLT Signage and Wayfinding Masterplan

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) is part of a team with Gresham, Smith and Partners (GS&P) for the design services needed to implement signage and digital displays into the new construction expansion areas of Concourse A. The scope of services includes the development of contract documents and bid packages for signage and digital displays required in the areas of new construction. This work will include both the lower ramp level and the upper arrivals/departure passenger gate level. Exterior signage requirements such as gate identification numbers, ramp level directional signage and other required informational signage has also been included.


Arora provided review and analysis of the existing digital and information display systems at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Arora’s review and analysis also included setting up base maps, attributes and collection tools to archive survey data of signage and wayfinding elements, art work and roadway signage.

  • Stage 1: A comprehensive and holistic review and documentation of the existing airport signage system, static and digital for identifying potential gaps in consistency, continuity and connectivity as well as potential negative impacts for passengers, as well as stakeholder interviews as well as the formulation of a digital signing strategy for CLT.
  • Stage 2: A comprehensive signing and wayfinding masterplan including digital signage bank types, planting guidelines and strategy reinforcement.
  • Stage 3: Program implementation, which includes engineering and design services for Master Plan elements selected by the airport for implementation.

City of Charlotte, Aviation Department


Charlotte, NC

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