CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion

CLT Main Terminal Lobby Expansion

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is undergoing several critical improvements to its infrastructure as part of the $2.5 billion “Destination CLT” investment program. This program is designed to meet the growing needs of CLT’s 46 million annual customers. “Destination CLT” projects include increased terminal roadway capacity, new walk-ways, main terminal expansion, expanding concourses A, B, and C, and the addition of a fourth parallel runway.

Arora Engineers Inc., (Arora), is part of the design team tasked with expanding the existing terminal and lobby, which has been in use since 1982. This 366,000 SF expansion, encompassing a 175,000 SF addition along with the renovation of 191,000 SF, will significantly enhance the existing terminal interiors and extend the terminal area. On the exterior, a new 146,000 SF canopy will cover the elevated roadway and curb to shield passengers. The new terminal will include state-of-the-art ticket counters, original artwork, five additional concession spaces, expanded seating and charging stations, and a consolidation of the current five security checkpoints into three larger checkpoints with automated screening lanes.

The additional space will provide more room for passengers checking in, baggage claim areas, redesigned security checkpoints with larger, more efficient configurations, and increased circulation space in the lobby. The project also includes bridges and tunnels for pedestrians connecting the hourly deck and car rental agencies to the terminal, so passengers can access them without crossing the road.


Arora is responsible for all special systems design and engineering services, including access control, CCTV, passenger processing systems, security checkpoint design, Electronic Video Information Display Systems (EVIDS), public address, ICT and structured cabling systems, Wi-Fi, and passenger information systems, including passenger analytics. The CCTV security systems design includes head end upgrades and expansions to support new technology as well as modifications to the head end monitoring hardware.

The terminal lobby expansion also includes the design and construction of a new Central Energy Plant (CEP) serving CLT. Arora’s scope included the special systems, telecom, security and CCTV for the new CEP including, but not limited to:

  • New Telecommunications Room/Closets – The telecommunication’s room is a dedicated and maintained telecommunications space absent of other energy plant electrical components or services, except for electrical and other systems serving this room. The CEP Telecommunications Room provides adequate space for information technology cable terminations (horizontal and backbone), active and passive communications equipment, cross-connection wiring and hardware, and any other materials or equipment associated with the CEP technology deployment. Arora included a design factor of 50% growth in the layout of the CEP Telecommunication Room.
  • Telecommunications Room Mechanical Systems – The CEP Telecommunications Room was designed to include HVAC service designed to dissipate the heat generated by electrically powered communications equipment supporting the airport’s 24/7 operations. The temperature for the telecommunications room will be in the range of 68-degrees F to 75-degrees F and humidity will be maintained between 40% and 55% relative humidity.
  • Telecommunications Room Fire Protection/Fire Alarm – The CEP Telecommunications Room is protected by a pre-action clean agent system. The fire protection system in the room was integrated with the HVAC system and UPS/Power source in order to disconnect service in the event of system activation. Wall linings are covered with two coats of fire-retardant white paint.
  • Universal Cabling Distribution System (UCDS) – Arora designed the UCDS, backbone cabling systems, fiber backbone, and horizontal cabling at the CEP which consists of a passive cabling infrastructure that features copper cabling, fiber cabling, serial cabling, and other low voltage cabling. The UCDS incorporates the Telecommunications Room/Closets, as well as outside connectivity to the CLT TSO, and external service providers such as AT&T.  Support systems include:
    • Access Control
    • CCTV
    • SCADA/MEP Systems
    • Voice (VoIP, POTS)
    • Wi-Fi

Construction of the main terminal lobby expansion began in December 2019 and is expected to be completed in six progressive phases over 5-6 years.

  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion
  • CLT Terminal Lobby Expansion

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