Bridesburg Riverfront Park

Delaware River City Corporation Bridesburg Riverfront Park

The Delaware River City Corporation (DRCC) and the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation department developed a 10-acre riverfront park on the North Delaware River in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia. The park includes a great lawn, terraced seating, a stage, event space, and an extensive view of the waterfront. The park will eventually connect the Port Richard Trail and Delaware Avenue Extension.


Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora), serving as a subconsultant to Langan Engineering, was tasked with providing engineering services for the design of the site lighting, power and lighting at the pavilions, and heating/ventilation, plumbing and electric for the toilet facilities. Tasks include replacing the intended composting toilets with standard flush toilets, as well as providing supplemental HVAC to the storage room.

  • Standard flush toilets and sinks – The scope will include the sanitary and domestic water service, electric water heater for lavatories, and supplemental heat within the individual toilet rooms.
  • Storage room – The scope will include the design of a heating and ventilation within the Storage room as well as a Data Cabinet for site security cameras with a self-contained air conditioning system.


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  • Bridesburg Riverfront Park

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