DFW Professional Services for Signage Planning Assessment and Design

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was selected as part of the team to provide Airport signage standards development and on-call support services for facilities, airfield, and landside locations at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The DFW Board wanted to work with our team because of our expertise and recent experience in the planning, programming, and design of Airport Terminal Wayfinding and Signage at large U.S. and international airports. DFW believes that effective wayfinding is critical to enhancing the customer experience, and signage should be integrated into general passenger circulation pathways to facilitate the wayfinding experience.


Arora is currently working closely with DFW to formulate a Wayfinding and Signage Improvements Plan that enhances the DFW customer experience by considering airport users’ visual and cognitive needs. Below are three task orders Arora is currently working on for this on-call contract:

  • Task 1 – Arora is currently supporting the collection of an Airport-wide signage inventory using mobile devices and GIS technology. The resulting data will be delivered and incorporated into the Airport’s new on-line database, called the Registry. The Registry will contain every sign on Airport property, including, but not limited to, all roadways and all terminal facilities (airfield signage is not included). The inventory and database will track each sign through its life-cycle and will allow the Airport to obtain an assessment of existing signage, as well as create an improved comprehensive signage guideline for the Airport.
  • Task 2 – The existing Skylink Vehicles and Station signage elements are outdated and do not integrate current technology advancements in digital and dynamic wayfinding. In collaboration with DFW, Arora is preparing biddable documents for upgrading the Skylink technology with enhanced in-car displays and implementing digital signage for Skylink. These upgrades will enhance the communication with passengers by providing dynamic displays of the Skylink train locations and wait times for the next train arrival. In addition, the displays will provide opportunities for additional advertising and communications.
  • Task 3 – Arora is providing an assessment and recommendations to enhance the current Flight Information Displays (FIDS) in specific areas. A bench-mark analysis has been completed to document what DFW is currently implementing compared to similar airports. The team met with key stakeholders to understand the content strategy for the layouts and designs, and two conceptual designs will be developed for review; based on this information, the conceptual drawings will be detailed into buildable design drawings.

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