GSO Rehabilitation of Runway 5R-23L

GSO Rehabilitation of Runway 5R-23L

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) recently completed contract documents for the rehabilitation of Runway 5R-23L at Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO). The project primarily includes the mill and overlay of the existing pavement surfaces as proposed by Michael Baker International (Prime), which impacted several existing runway airfield systems. The modified airfield systems included the existing airfield lighting, signage, and underground distribution. It is a challenging project considering the abbreviated design schedule and multiple electrical systems requiring modifications from changes in pavement grade elevations.


The existing runway, centerline, and touchdown zone lighting systems were upgraded to LED, with existing conduit/light base cans being removed, disposed of, and replaced. Runway edge lights will be removed and replaced with Quartz lights. Lighting for the connector taxiway (edge, elevated/in pavement guard lighting) is also designed to be LED. Base can and conduit infrastructure are proposed for the airport’s approved Surface Movement and Guidance Control System (SMGCS) plan.

Additional design elements include a pavement surface sensor system, relocation of windcone and PAPI units on new foundations, and MALSR/ALSF-2 approach lighting modifications in accordance with pavement grade elevations. The project includes all new series circuit distribution to Airfield Lighting Vault No. 1 in a new junction can plaza system, which parallels the runway. Airfield Signage improvements include relocated signage to accommodate modified taxiway geometries and signage upgrades to LED.


Piedmont Triad Airport Authority


Greensboro, NC