JFK terminal 8 airport ticket office redesign

JFK Terminal 8 Airport Ticket Office Redesign

American Airlines sought to upgrade its airport ticket office (ATO) in John F. Kennedy International Airport’s (JFK) Terminal 8 to improve the passenger experience and increase efficiency for its customers. The existing JFK ticket counter layout had kiosks, a main cabin, and premium counters located in separate areas, making wayfinding difficult for customers. Additionally, the kiosks were not placed prominently near points of entry, and the existing kiosk layout required passengers to enter and exit through the same thoroughfare, which did not support an intuitive flow-through process.

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was retained to provide design and construction administration services for mechanical, electrical, special systems, and fire/life safety systems to upgrade 54 of the kiosks within Terminal 8. The project also involved the replacement of 26 Flight Information Display System (FIDS) monitors and the installation of 6 new FIDS monitors through the terminal, as well as the redesign of the American Airlines lane offices.

Upon completion, the redesign will bring JFK’s Terminal 8 ATO into alignment with American Airlines’ counter design strategy, maximize kiosk usage by placing them in prominent locations, and simplify wayfinding for passengers by providing an intuitive flow from curbside to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints.