LGA Central Terminal Building - Check in area

LaGuardia Central Terminal Building

Arora provided engineering services for the LGA CTB project to the P3 team of Vantage/HOK/PB/Skanska and others. The scope related to the Terminal Building portion of the project, which consists of the Terminal Headhouse, Concourses A and B, West Garage Connector, Portal Building, and Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHRP). Arora provided fire and life safety engineering and special systems peer review services as a subconsultant to the LaGuardia Gateway Partners JV Team with HOK and WSP as the lead design team. This project follows the Design-Build procurement method.

LGA’s new terminal is the first airport project in the world to receive LEED v4 Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council. In addition to earning the LEED v4 Gold designation, the Terminal B redevelopment project was also awarded the first Envision Platinum Award for commitment to sustainable practices and resiliency from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) in 2019. It is four stories in height and approximately 1,500,000 square feet in area, with approximately 35 gates. The majority of the space in the CTB is classified as Assembly due to the larger occupancy loads and includes hold rooms, screening areas, restaurants, airline clubs, baggage claim areas, and arrival check-in areas. The remaining uses include: business occupancies for offices, conference spaces with lower occupancy loads (i.e. not assembly) and airport operations; Mercantile Occupancies for retail spaces; and storage for miscellaneous storage and baggage handling areas.


Fire Protection Scope:

Arora provided designs for the CTB to be a fully sprinklered building consisting of a variety of protection systems due to the many hazards and conditions present. There are two, dual connections for the fire protection systems. One dual system is used for the sprinkler systems. Electrical and Mechanical rooms are protected. All baggage and handling areas and other inaccessible areas such as above and below the conveying systems are also protected, and gaseous type suppression systems (eg. FM 200) are included for the control and data rooms, as well as deluge systems for protecting areas such as openings in fire resistance rated walls and along exterior glazed walls to protect the bridges and connectors.

Fire Alarm Scope:

Arora provided a comprehensive fire alarm and detection system throughout the CTB. The systems includes control panels, sub panels, annunciators and associated equipment, wire and conduit to provide a fully addressable fire alarm system. Arora laid out all smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct smoke detectors, pull stations, monitor modules, relay modules, horn, strobes and all other field devices pertaining to the fire alarm system. The system is multi-faceted and interconnects with the Fire/Life Safety, HVAC, Smoke Management, Smoke Purge Systems, Elevator Recall, Escalator, Baggage Conveying System, and Atrium Smoke Control.

The supervised fire alarm signal system is a pre-signal system and incorporates an emergency voice/communications system in accordance with NFPA 72. This system is designed for intelligibility throughout the concourses and hold rooms. Visual notification devices are provided throughout. The system design is a Positive Alarm Sequence in accordance with NFPA 72 to minimize false alarms and the evacuation of occupants in and out of secure spaces. This sequence, with specific requirements, allows for an initial investigation prior to evacuation the building. The fire alarm system ties into the existing PANYNJ fire optic ring and provides notification to the PANYNJ Wide Area Network at each MDF demarcation.

Special Systems Scope:

Design peer reviews for the following systems:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Network (LAN&PAWANET)
  • Airport Operational Systems (AODB, AOS, EVIDS, Etc.)
  • Security
  • Public Address

Photos by Lester Ali

  • LGA Central Terminal Building - Baggage Claim
  • LGA Central Terminal Building - Exterior
  • LGA Central Terminal Building - Mercantile
  • LGA Central Terminal Building - Bridge

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