MSP Enterprise GIS Implementation

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was selected to lead an Enterprise GIS Implementation Program for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC).  MAC had multiple GIS initiatives that emerged in different departments to satisfy specific business needs.  Esri, Autodesk, and open source technologies were used.  Multiple consultants and staff members support a variety data and application development requirements.  The variety of data, applications, and software platforms that resulted had become a challenge for the Information Technology staff to support, so consolidation, modernization, and cloud migration were high priorities.

Arora was first engaged to develop a comprehensive program plan to consolidate these various initiatives into a comprehensive enterprise GIS based on the latest proven technology.  The next phase included standing up an on-premise architecture based on Esri technology, which was designed to ultimately be migrated into the cloud.  Our team then developed data standards and a data migration plan for moving existing data into a new enterprise geodatabase based on these standards.  An initial group of data was migrated, and a basic viewer application was deployed.  Arora is now supporting the migration of prioritized existing data by developing Extract, Transform, and Load.  Arora deployed these tools at MAC and trained staff on their use so that future data maintenance be done in Esri or AutoCAD and then transferred into the enterprise Geodatabase.

Arora also helped coordinate GIS related activities of other MAC vendors and consultants.  In this role, Arora reviewed proposed scopes and budgets, monitored project schedules, and attended regular project status meetings.  Arora team members provided GIS technical support to MAC project managers in charge of these efforts.


  • Data Track – Collect and Review Existing Data, Develop Data Model and Target Database, Data Migration, Develop Geospatial Data Standards, Produce GIS Template, Data Development Procedures
  • Technology Track – Define and Document Technical Architecture, Implement Technical Architecture
  • Governance Track – Develop Governance Document, Facilitate Governance Steering Group Meetings, Program Success Metrics, Monthly Program Progress Meetings and Telecons
  • Staff Support Track – Provide Program Guidance, Technical Input to Other GIS Projects

The Metropolitan Airports Commission


Minneapolis, MN