Philadelphia Family Court Life Safety Program Inspection

The brand new Philadelphia Family Court Facility is a state of the art eight-story high rise with a multi-level underground garage located in center city Philadelphia at 15th and Vine. Arora Systems Group (ASG) is charged with managing their life safety program which consists of inspection and testing of fire alarm and sprinkler systems, advisement on code compliance and safety issues and resolving any emergencies or problems related to these systems.

ASG is responsible for the inspection and testing of the fire suppression systems, including fire pump and quarterly testing and certification of the fire alarm systems. The fire alarm panel is a Notifier System with over 2000 notification and initiating devices.

In addition to the scheduled testing and inspection, ASG provides 24/7 central station monitoring and response for any alarm or service-related issue.

Additional tasks include repairs and upgrades to these systems and have ranged from replacing defective smoke detectors to major sprinkler system modifications.

Photo credit: Google Street View

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