PHL Cargo City Radial Substation Replacement Program

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was awarded a Prime contract by the City of Philadelphia Division of Aviation to provide Electrical Engineering and Consulting Services at Philadelphia International Airport.

Under this agreement, the Arora team is providing expert Electrical, HVAC, Architectural, Civil, and Structural Engineering/Design permitting, Cost Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Management services for the Cargo City Radial Substation Replacement Project. The team will provide schematic design, design development, construction documentation, as well as support for Bid and Award, construction administration, and project closeout phases.


The electrical substations and equipment located in various Cargo City Buildings were installed over the past five decades and have exceeded their useful life. PHL has tasked the Arora team with upgrading this equipment to avoid operation impacts due to unexpected failures, Arora’s design will add additional flexibility to allow switching between Cargo City Substation medium voltage feeders which will enable the airport to operate more efficiently and avoid major electric system disruption. The effected substations include:

  • PHL Cargo City Substation – located within an exterior gate area – two (2) new 15kV switchgear setups.
  • C-2 Substation – located in an electrical room within building C-2, with equipment to be replaced in-kind within the existing electrical room, as well as repair of masonry wall cracks.
  • C-3 Substation – located within a gated area in the landside parking lot of Building C-3. The gated area is to be replaced and expanded to accommodate two new 15kV switches, a new 500 kVA transformer, a junction box, and 50 kVAR Fixed Power Factor Correction Capacitor
  • C-4 Substation – currently located within a mezzanine electrical room within building C-4, which will be relocated to a new gated area exterior to building C-4 on the east side. Equipment includes a new 500 kVA transformer, two new 15kV switches, a new main breaker and a new secondary distribution, new gated area, along with Structural analysis of mezzanine for equipment removal.
  • C-6 Substation – located within a second-floor electrical room in Building C-6 – replace existing equipment in-kind.
  • C-7 Substation – located within a gated area exterior to Building C-7 – replace existing equipment and gated area.
  • C-8 Substation – located within a gated area exterior to Building C-8 – replace existing equipment in-kind and gated area.

Arora is also providing real-time energy monitoring, as requested by the client. The team will provide network cabling and conduit from the existing E-mon D-mon meter to the network closet serving the building. In addition, DOA has requested that the existing 15kV feeder #113 in building C7 be extended to a new primary selector switch which will allow additional redundancy and functionality. An existing 4” conduit is planned to be used for the second pathway.


City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation


Philadelphia, PA