PHL Gates A7 and A9 Conversion/New PTV Portals

PHL Gates A7 and A9 Conversion/New PTV Portals

The City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation is working to adapt Gates A7 and A9 at the Philadelphia International Airport to accommodate American Airlines’ international fleet. New partitions are planned to create sterile corridors on the First and Second levels of Terminal A East to make these two gates FIS capable. When required, these gates and the new corridors will be secured from the adjacent spaces and direct passengers and crew to the existing Customs processing areas. Controls will be extended from the existing security system to remotely change door functions based upon scheduled flight designation. Two new PTV portals are planned in the Gate A14 area that will connect to the existing sterile corridor.

Arora will provide professional engineering design services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), fire protection, life safety, and special systems to adapt Gates A7 and A9.


Arora’s scope of services includes the following tasks:

  • Review existing documentation for the areas in question and systems serving same.
  • Engage in an on-site survey of observable MEP, Fire Protection, Life Safety and Special Systems components and systems related to the project.
  • Provide MEP, Fire Protection, Life Safety, and Special Systems engineering design and documentation, suitable for permitting and construction, that is anticipated to include:
    • Additional and/or relocated Fire Protection and Life Safety devices to coordinate with the new corridor construction.
    • Additional and/or relocated Mechanical and Plumbing system components to coordinate with the new corridor construction.
    • Additional and/or relocated Electrical devices, lighting fixtures, and exit signs to coordinate with the new corridors.
    • Provide power for security, access control, and surveillance equipment.
  • Provide wet sealed Contract Documents for submission, by others, to Tinicum Township for Building Permit(s).
  • Respond to questions during the Bidding Phase and provide supporting documentation for Addenda if required.
  • Review Change Orders when requested.
  • Review submittals.
  • Respond to RFI’s.
  • Provide supporting documentation for Bulletins where appropriate.
  • Attend the Pre-Bid meeting and one (1) on-site meeting during construction.
  • Participate in AECOM team project calls.
  • When appropriate, will assist in developing a Final Punch List.
  • Observe the Contractor’s commissioning of the security systems with American Airlines representatives and other interested parties.
  • Review As-Built drawings submitted by the Contractor.

City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation


Philadelphia, PA