PHL Runway 17-35 Extension Project

Arora prepared contract documents for the Runway 17-35 Extension project, which extended Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) North-South runway by 1,040 feet to 6,500 feet.


Arora was responsible for the electrical, aeronautical electrical, and mechanical engineering services for this project. Arora’s aeronautical electrical tasks included runway safety area and navigational aid improvements, as well as a new high speed exit taxiway. To facilitate the runway safety area improvements, an existing airfield service road and an economy parking lot were demolished and removed. Service roads were relocated and a new hold apron was added to serve the extended runway.

ILS improvements for Runway 17 (Glideslope and Localizer) were closely coordinated with the FAA Eastern Region. Improvements to Runway 17 included a modified MALSF system, including underground distribution across Interstate 95. Airfield lighting and signage were also a large part of the design effort with the extension of each runway. Distance remaining signs were removed and replaced, and lens filters required revisions per the FAA advisory circular. Miscellaneous aids included windcones on both runway ends, Runway 35 REIL and pavement surface sensor system upgrades. A comprehensive phasing plan was critical to ensure minimum disruption to airport operations, especially since Runway 17-35 intersects one of the airport’s primary runways.


City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation


Philadelphia, PA