St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport Runway 18-26 Rehabilitation

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was part of the team responsible for the rehabilitation of Runway 18-36 at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). Repair was deemed necessary due to pavement distress including longitudinal cracking, raveling, and weathering along the runway. Arora is tasked with design, bidding and construction administration for aeronautical electrical engineering and airfield signage, lighting, and navigational aids, and prepared contract drawings, specifications, and reports.


The project consists of the rehabilitation of the existing bituminous asphalt pavement and reconstruction of the centerline, touch down zone, and runway edge lighting system. Arora prepared aeronautical electrical engineering design and specifications for: Preliminary Design (30%), Engineering Design (60%), Final Design (90%), Bid Documents (100%), Bidding Services, and Construction Administration.

Runway 18-36 is 9,730’ x 150’ with 15’ paved shoulders. There is a 930’ displaced threshold at the Runway 36 end. The runway also has paved blast pads of 150’ and 395’ for Runway 18-36, respectively.  As part of this project, the scope of work also included the construction of a 100’ extension to Runway 4 which will increase Runway 4-22’s total length to a minimum of 6,000’ so air carrier aircraft can use this runway during the prolonged closure of Runway 18-36 for construction.

  • Design and layout of RW Edge, Center Line, and Touchdown Zone Lights and lighting cable
  • Design for the relocation of existing Airport owned PAPI and REIL system
  • Airfield Electrical Vault Modifications and Power Distribution
  • Design of two temporary PAPI systems for construction phasing
  • Modifications/revisions to TW’s A5 and A6 lighting circuits and guidance signs and ALCMS, calibration, and commissioning

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Clearwater, FL