RNO eALP & GIS Services

Arora is providing GIS services to complete the airport and aeronautical data collection necessary for the development and acceptance/approval of an Electronic Airport Layout Plan (eALP) at Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO).

Arora will also help the Reno-Tahoe Aviation Authority (RTAA) leverage the data collected through RNO eALP in order to provide increased efficiencies to everyday business practices, support ongoing and future capital programs through powerful analytical tools and share a common set of data across airport departments.

Arora’s scope consists of the development of a complete eALP dataset and airspace analysis for submission to FAA Airports GIS Program, completion of a GIS needs assessment and the development of a master GIS database to house RTAA datasets.


Reno-Tahoe Aviation Authority


Reno, NV