RNO eALP & GIS Services

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) was tasked with providing all the services required for Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA) to complete airport and aeronautical data collection necessary for the development and acceptance/approval of an eALP at Reno-Tahoe International (RNO). Arora leveraged the data collected through RNO eALP to support revenue growth, enhance safety, increase operational efficiency, streamline administrative processes, and support customer service through GIS solutions. Arora also provided an airspace analysis which was critical to support new air service development, especially in light of the high terrain and high-rise buildings in the immediate vicinity of the airport. To fully understand their current and future airspace needs, Arora identified and studied obstacles that penetrate FAA AC150/5300-18B, FAR Part 77, and TERPS surfaces under current and two possible future configurations. After a thorough review and discussion of the implications of the study with airport management, the results were submitted to the FAA. An Esri Geodatabase was also delivered to the airport to allow the airport to maintain the data going forward. Finally, a web-application was delivered to provide Airport Planners and other authorized users with the ability to review data, print reports, and conduct what-if-analyses.

The implementation of these solutions enabled RTAA to leverage GIS to provide increased efficiencies to everyday business practices, support ongoing and future capital programs through powerful analytical tools, and the ability to share a common set of data across airport departments.


  • Developed complete eALP dataset and airspace analysis for submission to FAA Airports GIS program.
  • Completed a GIS needs assessment and prioritized applications to support a variety of airport business processes including, but not limited to facility planning, engineering, facility management, concessions and revenue management, and environmental compliance.
  • Delivered an Esri Geodatabase and Web-Application to help the airport conduct future analyses, maintain the data, and check restrictions on proposed obstacles.
  • Conducted teleconferences and facilitated onsite RTAA stakeholder meetings to gain input on needs and workflows
  • Developed and deployed master GIS database to house RTAA datasets

Download Download Esri’s Case Study – A New Approach at Reno-Tahoe International Airport: Discover How GIS Fueled Its Efforts Toward Success


Reno-Tahoe Aviation Authority


Reno, NV