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Rethinking Infrastructure: React and Reset


Rethinking Infrastructure Animated Graphic

We are very excited to launch our initiative, 2020: Rethinking Infrastructure! The goal of this campaign is to work together as a team to reinforce Arora’s mission statement, Improving the Quality of Life by Rethinking Infrastructure. Each month we are prompting employees to explore two words that we believe connect our mission, vision, and core values. We then have a call to action where employees send us pictures, videos, and stories that we will anonymously compile and promote to illustrate how we are living our values.

For April, we contemplated React and Reset.

  • React: We have all had to react, rather quickly, to the overwhelming changes in the world and the dramatic impact they have had on our lifestyles. In our response to this pandemic, we are trying to highlight the notion that it is not the changes that are important, but how you react to those changes that matter. Will we choose positivity and perseverance over fear and hopelessness? We hope that as an organization we have demonstrated our determination to push forward and remain optimistic for the future, and we hope that you are able to do this in your individual lives as well.
  • Reset: As we focus on positivity and perseverance, we can look at this as the ideal time to reset. We can reset our workspaces, how we connect with one another, our focus, our goals, our mindset and any number of things that deserve a second look. As an organization we have completely reset how we function as a group and how we collaborate digitally around our work. In some ways, it has made us stronger and better connected, as we work extra hard to communicate with one another and make our presence known. We have also had to reset our goals and decide how to best focus our efforts during this time, which can lead to significant innovative endeavors and considering rewarding avenues we may not have in the past.

We received some fantastic responses, as seen in the collage above! Next up for May, Reduce and Recycle.

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