News  |  Aug 13, 2020  |  Anne Keener

Rethinking Infrastructure: Reorganize and Reflect

  • Reorganize & Reflect

The Arora team continues to reinforce our mission of Improving the Quality of Life by Rethinking Infrastructure, and for this month’s 2020: Rethinking Infrastructure initiative, in July our team members responded on how they are living out the words Reorganize and Reflect:

  • Reorganize: Working remotely and socially distancing has been a major change for everyone and provided opportunities to reorganize at various levelsAccording to the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, “having multiple visual stimuli present within range of one’s view will result in those stimuli competing for neural representation.” In other words, “the more clutter you can see, the more easily you’ll find yourself distracted.” Therefore, most people believe that having an organized space can help you think clearer and allow you to focus.
  • Reflect: One of Marie Kondo’s most intriguing organizational tips is to only keep those things that “spark joy.” This requires a type of reflection, where you give each item deep consideration and contemplate its meaning. This practice could also be applied to reflecting on your work, your routines, and your processes, both individually and as a team. Professionally we all have to reflect on how we accomplish our day to day design, technology, operations, or construction related tasks. COVID-19 has required everyone involved in the infrastructure of the future to reflect on how buildings and their use may change, reflect on past practices, and adjust their thinking and approach.

We hope that you will enjoy the responses in this collage! Next up for August, Reorganize and Reflect.

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