News  |  Sep 18, 2020  |  Anne Keener

Rethinking Infrastructure: Rewind and Realize

  • Rethinking Infrastructure Animated Graphic - Rewind and Realize

As we end our 2020: Rethinking Infrastructure initiative we are pleased to see our team fulfilling the goal of this campaign: working together to reinforce Arora’s mission statement, Improving the Quality of Life by Rethinking Infrastructure.

Each month we asked employees to explore two words that we believe connect our mission, vision, and core values. For September, we contemplated Rewind and Realize.

September is a season to rewind and realize, not just on COVID-19 and its effect on our daily lives, but on habits we want to take with us into this new chapter. Social distancing and wearing face masks have become the new “norm,” but we’ve learned that a change in our surroundings can do wonders for our spirit. Many people have been able to polish routines and processes. We learned that communication is key, and that embracing new technologies can help us to stay renewed and efficient.

We would like to encourage everyone to take the time to rewind, both personally and professionally. Continue to realize all the positive habits reflected throughout this initiative and bring them to your workspaces, obligations and colleagues as we move forward to a time when COVID-19 is merely a memory.

We’ve enjoyed hearing from all our staff these past few months and look forward to when we can meet “in-person” to continue Rethinking Infrastructure® together!

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