News  |  Oct 10, 2017  |  Arora

Stan Kelsall Speaks at the PennDel AHMA Fall Management Conference

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  • Fire alarm system

Arora’s Stan Kelsall, Special Projects Manager, spoke at the PennDel AHMA (Pennsylvania-Delaware Affordable Housing Management Association) Fall Management Conference on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. This annual conference brings colleagues together to network, discuss current topics, and learn best practices and the newest trends in affordable housing.

Stan presented “The Keys to a Successful Fire/Life Safety Inspection and Sustained Tenant and Building Safety” to conference participants. Stan’s presentation provided property managers with the knowledge necessary to prepare in advance of their local Fire Inspector’s and/or Insurance Carrier’s Fire/Life Safety Inspection. With this information, attendees will have the ability to attain a satisfactory Fire/Life Safety Inspection and, more importantly, ensure the safety of their tenants and buildings from, or during, a fire event.

Participation in this conference also helped to support two philanthropic causes. A Food Drive Collection was held at the start of the conference to benefit the Food Bank of Delaware, and a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project was made for each attendee’s participation.


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