News  |  Dec 17, 2019  |  Arora

Steve Bisch Moves to Director, Enterprise Solutions Position for Arora

  • Steve Bisch - Director, Enterprise Solutions

Steve Bisch recently moved into the role of Director, Enterprise Solutions for Arora Engineers, having previously served as the Director of Operations for Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI), which was acquired by Arora in April 2019.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Steve is an expert in Facilities Maintenance and Manufacturing, as well as Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM). This new role includes continued oversight of EDI, Arora Technology Group (ATG), and Arora’s Geospatial Technologies Group. This move will allow for greater collaboration and innovation between these three practices within Arora, providing more unified and cohesive solutions for current and future projects.

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