News  |  Mar 13, 2017  |  Arora

Technology in Airport Infrastructure – Manik Arora Predicts the Next Five Years

  • The Next Five Years

President & CEO of Arora Manik Arora, PE, was asked to author the cover story for the February/March issue of Airport Magazine, a publication of the American Association of Airport Executives.

In “Technology in Airport Infrastructure: The Next 5 Years,” Manik offers predictions for how the aviation industry will use and apply technology to improve airport infrastructure. Some of the trends and technologies highlighted by Manik include: augmented reality, asset and shared data platforms, “smart” sensory building elements, technology for persons with disabilities, and artificial intelligence.

Manik advises airport managers to “focus on crafting a Strong Digital Technology Master Plan to ensure airports not only meet the ROI, but also the ROO (return on objective).” He also notes, “With the right plan and technologies to solve the right problem, one size does not fit all for airports. However, those who wait will not be able to take advantage of the data needed to better manage the airport.”

Please view the complete article here.

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