News  |  May 20, 2020  |  Arora

TRAX® Analytics and Arora Technology Group Strengthen Airport Sanitation Standards

  • TRAX Analytics SmartRestroom
  • TRAX Analytics SmartRestroom
  • TRAX Analytics SmartRestroom

TRAX® Analytics, LLC was recently featured in Airport Business magazine’s May issue, discussing the importance of strengthening our sanitation standards in airports and other facilities given the current state of the world. Specifically, they addressed the benefits of their SmartRestroom platform, which gives insight into the status of your restrooms and overall custodial operations by providing predictive, real-time, and historical data analysis.

This technology-driven solution gathers key data from restrooms and utilizes it to fit the needs of each client, including:

  • Restroom user throughput
  • Restroom user feedback
  • Automatic cleaning alerts
  • Smart stall occupancy
  • Passive custodial staff monitoring

At any given time, data from these sources is collected and uploaded via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It is then sent to the TRAX® Mobile and Desktop applications for users to view and study. Therefore, when implemented, this new smart restroom technology has the ability to help staff safeguard their restrooms, while also enhancing the passenger experience, streamlining operations, and influencing future design.

The ultimate goal of this technology is to help businesses maintain their facilities and keep them at the standards that are expected of them. With new technologies and opportunities to gather data being discovered at a rapid pace, as we begin to implement these solutions, the future holds the possibility of connecting everything within a restroom and pulling real-time data on every aspect and asset available.

Arora Technology Group (ATG) is a strategic partner for TRAX®, providing assistance, application development, and deployment of these solutions.

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