News  |  Apr 06, 2020  |  Arora

2020: Rethinking Infrastructure

  • Rethinking Infrastructure Animated Graphic

Arora is introducing an initiative developed for us to work together as a team and reinforce Arora’s mission statement, Improving the Quality of Life by Rethinking Infrastructure.

At the start of this new decade, we began contemplating all things “rethinking” and as we find ourselves in this new place, we certainly have put that word into action. We’ve developed ten words that we believe connect our mission, vision, and core values and as we journey together, remotely or once again side by side, we’ll be prompting employees to explore two words each month. The idea is to begin thinking and sharing what these words mean to Arora and to them personally, how they connect with our work and staff, and finally a FUN call to action!

This initiative will lead us up to our Annual Meeting, where we will put everything we’ve explored together. We’re excited to share the image shown above, which incorporates these new words and hope they begin to inspire everyone to start “rethinking.”

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