News  |  May 27, 2021  |  Anne Keener

Arora Celebrates 35 Rewarding Years

Arora Engineers, Inc. (Arora) is proud to be celebrating our 35th year Anniversary of being in business. In 1986, Arora was established by Manohar (Mike) L. Arora, MS, PE in the basement of his home with the intent of offering quality service based on the principles of responsiveness, consistency, and teamwork. Arora’s first client was Dupont. The firm initially specialized in Electrical engineering and as the business grew, additional services were added including Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm and Suppression, Airfield Electrical, and Special Systems/Technology Engineering as well as Construction Management.

Since our founding, Arora has expanded to 14 offices across the United States, over 200 employees, and three subsidiary companies, Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI), Arora Technology Group, LLC® (ATG), and Arora Systems Group, LLC® (ASG). Together, we are committed to leveraging multidisciplinary engineering services and the latest digital technologies, including Enterprise Asset Management software, IoT, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and specialized product developments to seamlessly integrate solutions for clients to help them effectively monitor, deploy, and conserve resources.

We recently sat with our founder Mike Arora, MS, PE to reflect on the past 35 years in business:

1. What does this 35-year milestone mean to you?
I come from a family of entrepreneurs and truly believe in the fact that passion, patience, and persistence are the ingredients to be an entrepreneur. Running any business can be challenging; families can be challenging. But when they work right, family-run businesses can be incredibly successful, both personally and financially. As founder of Arora Engineers, Inc., it is a wonderful feeling of pride and accomplishment for reaching the 35th Anniversary of our continuously growing business. Hard work does pay off. Very recently, I was asked to define my personal formula for success. Since engineers are very mathematical, I answered the question by using an equation that read: Love What You Do + Take Risks + Work Hard + Give Back.

2. What is one of your favorite memories or any fun stories you have during your time working at Arora Engineers?
Among many memories, one of my favorites that stands out at Arora Engineers, Inc. is when the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers, Delaware County Chapter honored me with a Lifetime Achievement award in 2006. This award was given for accomplishments and contribution to the engineering profession with outstanding merits.

3. Do you have any reflections or thoughts you would like to share about Arora Engineers?
Engineering has changed dramatically over the years with the rapid growth of technology and computer software. These new engineering tools have helped us to provide our professional services in a more efficient and timely manner. Even the most successful businesses face the potential of becoming irrelevant if they do not constantly work to innovate and grow. Arora continues to advance with the latest technology and stays successful in today’s marketplace.

It is gratifying to run a successful business. Our clients love us for our quality work performance, ethics, and professional service. I feel proud and humble to see the progress. Reflecting on my career in the engineering profession since 1967, I am proud to have had a satisfying and rewarding career. I have enjoyed the engineering profession thoroughly and experienced joy from creating solutions for our clients. Sincerely, I love what I do and that is very important in anybody’s career.

As leaders in the field of engineering, we must not forget the fact that technology cannot replace honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct as the cornerstones of our profession.

4. Any special thanks you would like to share for this milestone?
I truly believe that the employees are the ones who make the company. The Arora team is made up of extremely talented people. As part of the Advisory Board, I appreciate the comradery of the super talented members of the Board. Teamwork is the key to our success.

My special thanks go to the hard-working Arora team including my wife, Adarsh, who stuck with me through all the ups and downs. Most of all, my well-deserved thanks and appreciation goes to my eldest son, Manik Arora, who is currently President & CEO and is successfully carrying the baton of the family business.

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