News  |  Apr 04, 2016  |  Arora

Making PHL Safer: Arora’s PM/CM Team featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

  • Making PHL Safer Article

Arora’s Resident Program and Construction Management Team at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) was featured in the March/April 2016 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine, spotlighting Arora’s work managing the procurement, construction, and implementation of security projects associated with the airport’s Security Master Plan.

The article showcases PHL’s strategy to craft a comprehensive standalone Security Master Plan separate from its general capital development program. This is an innovative approach as security plans often need to be updated more regularly than general campus-wide development programs. The separate plan will allow PHL the agility to modify its plan as technology evolves and security needs change.

Arora’s Vice President and Director of Northeast PM/CM Team, Kalpesh Trivedi, was interviewed for the piece. Mr. Trivedi explained how replacing 20-year old security infrastructure at a campus as large as PHL required the project to be split into several phases. He also noted that the security program isn’t just about landside badging and access control but also about protecting airside assets like plane and runway equipment.

The full article can be read in the March/April edition of Airport Improvement Magazine.

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