News  |  May 10, 2024  |  Anne Keener

Arora Welcomes Sikander Jain, PE, CM, Senior Vice President Global Construction Services, NY Market Lead!

Arora Engineers, LLC (Arora) proudly announces the addition of Sikander Jain, PE, CM, as our new Senior Vice President Global Construction Services, NY Market Lead.

Sikander brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong commitment to driving complex and impactful growth initiatives within airport development projects across various roles. Widely regarded as an expert and leader in his field, Sikander has earned recognition for delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to navigate the intricacies of large-scale aviation programs worldwide, often operating within challenging constraints and leading extensive teams.

Sikander’s impressive academic background includes a Master of Science in Construction Engineering & Project Management from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from University of Pune. His professional journey is equally notable, showcasing his expertise and leadership in various significant projects.

Prior to joining Arora, Sikander served as the Lead Program Manager, representing the Port Authority of New York New Jersey (PANYNJ) on the John F. Kennedy (JFK) New Terminal One program. Sikander provided focused-program level leadership, driving design-build efforts to advance program objectives and elevate the JFK Terminal into a top 5 world-class facility.

Sikander also served as the Program Manager for the $8.5B Chicago O’Hare 21 Terminal Area Program (TAP). He demonstrated his adeptness in early strategic initiatives and deliverables expected from all parties. Prior experiences include leading the delivery of New T2 Mumbai, a flagship of the CSIA Airport Development as the ’New Gateway to India and touted as the world’s most constrained airport development.  Sikander’s experiences and success in the MENAI region led him serving as a Country Manager and Regional Operations Director delivering Bangalore International Airport’s Terminal 2 & Airfield planning effort as a PPP initiative as well as Defense works – C130 Air Force Base. These experiences underscore his global perspective and capability to oversee projects of international significance.

With a track record of success in managing complex projects and fostering collaboration across teams, Sikander brings a wealth of expertise to his role at Arora. His diverse experiences in program management, engineering design, and operations position him as an asset in driving forward the company’s objectives.

In his new role at Arora, Sikander will lead strategic planning, operational leadership, and the execution of growth strategies within the Global Services sector. Additionally, he will serve as the New York Market Lead, spearheading client development, cultivating relationships, and driving growth while ensuring the successful delivery of projects in the region.

Manik Arora, President & CEO of Arora Engineers stated “Welcoming Sikander as our Senior Vice President of Global Construction Services and NY Market Lead marks a pivotal moment for Arora. His proven expertise in steering transformative growth within the aviation industry aligns seamlessly with our vision for innovation and excellence. Sikander’s arrival propels us forward, reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions and solidifying our position as industry leaders.”  

We are thrilled to welcome Sikander to the Arora team and eagerly anticipate the invaluable contributions he will make to our organization’s continued success!

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