News  |  Apr 29, 2022  |  Anne Keener

BLUE Day In Support of Ukraine

  • Donation Supplies Ukraine

On Thursday April 28th, 2022, in an effort to support the crisis in Ukraine, Arora Engineers (Arora) and Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI) donated to UNICEF to contribute funds for ongoing BLUE Dot child-friendly spaces. Schools and hospitals and critical infrastructure have all been and continue to be frequently targeted by attacks, disrupting and limiting access to essential services.

Each staff participating equaled a $10.00 donation, and those that wore Arora or EDI blue-branded gear equaled a $15.00 donation. A total of 61 staff members wore blue and raised $710.00 in support of these necessary child-friendly spaces. Arora also sent a donation of hand sanitizer, gloves, and cleaning supplies to Aston Pharmacy Home Health Center, who will also be sending the supplies to Ukraine.

UNICEF is reaching vulnerable children and families on the move from “Blue Dot” centers strategically located along transit routes. Blue Dots are an integral part of the UN’s broader inter-agency refugee response plan for the region. Assisting unaccompanied and separated children is a top priority. UNICEF’s humanitarian work in Ukraine focuses on meeting the most critical urgent needs for safety, health care, safe water and nutrition, protection while also safeguarding children’s rights and long term well-being. Support has been significantly expanded as UNICEF rushes essential medicines, midwifery kits, surgical kits and other lifesaving supplies to health facilities where women have been giving birth in makeshift basement bunkers since the war started.

We are proud to continue giving back to the world and making a difference each and every day.

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