News  |  May 03, 2024  |  Anne Keener

BNA Satellite Concourse Gate Expansion at Nashville International

Arora is proud to be featured in the latest Airport Improvement Article entitled “New Satellite Concourse Provides Efficient Gate Expansion at Nashville International Airport.

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) recently completed construction on a new standalone Satellite Concourse adjacent to its main terminal to accommodate the growing passenger demand. The $134.5 million Satellite Concourse project encompassed an impressive 89,000-square-foot structure and serves operations for Allegiant Air and Spirit Airlines. With eight common-use gates (with space for a ninth), the new concourse not only increases capacity but also sets the stage for future expansion. The design-build project aimed for efficiency, leveraging institutional knowledge gained from previous collaborations.

The decision to locate the concourse near Taxiways T4 and T6 was strategic, enabling future apron expansions while expediting construction. Passenger transit between Concourse C and the Satellite Concourse was facilitated by electric shuttles, chosen for cost-effectiveness over tunneling or aerial walkways. The electric shuttles, managed by ABM, align with BNA’s environmental goals, providing a carbon dioxide-free and quiet transportation option. Passenger feedback has been positive, citing convenience and comfort. The Satellite Concourse’s design prioritized sustainability and passenger experience, incorporating sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting, and ample natural light. The layout ensures seamless passenger flow and accessibility, with amenities mirroring those in the main terminal. Addressing security challenges unique to a freestanding concourse, BNA implemented a TSA-approved system with in-ground photo beams and access control for shuttle boarding areas. Overcoming construction challenges such as staffing shortages and pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, the project maintained an aggressive timeline. Strategic planning and collaboration among stakeholders were essential for success.

Arora’s Special Systems Project Lead, Sheeba Money, stated “We added multi-cell fabric inner duct to run the new fiberoptic cables, which allows us to meet the current needs of the project but also gives the airport future pathways for their future needs”.

Looking ahead, BNA’s expansion plans include further upgrades under the New Horizon program, aiming to enhance passenger experience and accommodate future growth. The project’s success underscores the importance of early planning, collaboration, and adaptability in airport development.

For further insights, read the full article by clicking here.

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