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Celebrating National Engineers Week 2024!

  • National Engineers Week 2024

Arora Engineers (Arora) joyfully celebrates National Engineers Week 2024 under the inspiring theme, “Welcome to the Future.” This theme prompts us to contemplate the forthcoming advancements and breakthroughs that will shape a more vibrant and inclusive future in engineering.

Since 1986, Arora has continually redefined the conventional role of MEP engineering firms. Our journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to embracing technological innovations and refining processes that interconnect systems infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, prolong longevity, and ultimately, enhance safety and convenience for end-users. Arora specializes in providing bespoke engineering solutions tailored to clients spanning aviation, transportation, education, government, and commercial sectors, fostering a profound understanding of the nuanced challenges and promising opportunities inherent in these pivotal industries.

At the heart of Arora’s national engineering practice lies a triumvirate of core values: innovation, hyper-responsiveness, and uncompromising quality. We engage with projects across the spectrum of the delivery process, from initial planning and design phases to program and construction management, and ongoing facilities management services. Our approach is characterized by a forward-thinking ethos, wherein we proactively introduce novel ideas, streamlined processes, and innovative methodologies to not only address immediate infrastructure needs but also to align with overarching business objectives and to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We take immense pride in shining a spotlight on the profound impact each member of our engineering team exerts in shaping our world through their invaluable contributions. In conversations with some of our team members, we delved into their perspectives on the future of engineering and the advice they would offer aspiring engineers:

Al Juheshi, FaresFares Al Juheshi, PE, LEED, Sr. Electrical Engineer: I’m excited to see how sustainable energy solutions change everything about our infrastructure, especially in important places like airports. It’s mind-blowing to imagine how these changes could totally transform the way we power the world. The best part though, is seeing AI get involved. AI won’t just make processes more efficient, but it’s also sparking all kinds of new and innovative ideas to make our systems more reliable and resilient.

If you’re hoping to shape the future of engineering, here’s a tip for you: Keep on learning, no matter what. With technology taking the front seat now, it’s all about staying curious and keeping up with the latest relevant news and trends. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or to tap into the wisdom of more experienced folks who’ve been around the block. Together, we can build a future where innovation isn’t just about pushing boundaries, but also about doing it responsibly and ethically in a way that will benefit society at large and the environment.


Alqaq, AlexAlex Alqaq, PE, ICC, LEED AP, Sr. Project Manager: The thing I am most looking forward to in the future of engineering is the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on our lives and to be able to travel to other planets. Some advice I have for aspiring engineers is to learn as much as you can about other types of engineering and be absorbent like a sponge. For example, a Mechanical Engineer shall learn about Electrical Engineering, Fire Life Safety Systems, Plumbing Systems Design, etc. which will be a huge positive impact on their careers.


Barbes, Mike Mike Barbes, PE, LC, Sr. Electrical Engineer: I would like to see what AI will do to this business. The possibilities are quite interesting…it seems like it would be a perfect fit for this business. Is it possible to integrate our work with AI? Some advice for younger, aspiring engineers is to focus on Engineering projects, that will make for better projects, less issues, and greater profits.


Chen, Carol Carol B. Chen, PE, LEED AP, Mechanical Engineer: I look forward to future of wide adoption of green, sustainable buildings. Rather than being “unusual” or “exceptional”, green buildings should become normalized for the sake of minimalizing fossil fuel consumption. Some advice I would give to younger engineers is to be humble and listen more than you speak especially when just starting out. You learn more from what other engineers are talking about than what you can learn by yourself.


Michigan, AnastaciaAnastacia Michigan, PE, LEED Green Associate, Sr. Mechanical Engineer: With the rise in AI technology, I think it will be very interesting to how we are able to integrate it into our engineered designs to save ourselves time and our clients’ money. We are always adapting with changing technology, and I think AI will eventually become the new norm for building design.

Some advice I would you give to aspiring engineers who are shaping the future is collaboration and communication are key to a successful project. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear criticism on your work or to question your own design choices, but everyone on your team wants you to succeed. I’ve learned so much from my coworkers, and criticism is intended to help you mature into a professional engineer.


As we navigate the exciting frontier of engineering, Arora remains committed to pioneering solutions that transcend conventional boundaries, empower progress, and forge a path toward a future defined by innovation and excellence.

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