Jason T. Shevrin, PE, DSCE

Jason T. Shevrin, PE, DSCE

Chief Operating Officer, Planning, Design and Construction

Excelling in math and science during high school, Jason chose to study electrical engineering in college. His interest in aviation, infrastructure, and the built environment stemmed from his first co-op experience at Philadelphia International Airport where he worked as a Field Inspector. Soon after, he adjusted his curriculum to focus on the most relevant courses for consulting engineering. Jason’s other co-op experience was with Arora. He joined the firm full-time immediately following graduation and quickly progressed from lead designer to Senior Vice President and Special Systems Practice Lead.

Throughout his tenure at Arora, Jason has maintained a strong focus on how Arora’s work directly impacts real people. Examples include his work as Special System s Practice Lead where he works to enhance mobile and digital wayfinding to help passengers navigate airports and simplify their travel experience, researching and implementing systems to better communicate with and assist travelers with disabilities, as well as developing cutting-edge security strategies to ensure public safety and protection of infrastructure. This end-user focus is why Jason’s clients enjoy working with him so much.

Now, in addition to his role as Special System Practice Lead, Jason serves as Chief Operating Officer of Planning, Design and Construction, with added responsibilities of creation and implementation of innovative strategies which simultaneously improve life at Arora and guarantee client and end-user satisfaction. As COO, Jason oversees the daily operations of our business sectors and continuously works to improve our policies, procedures, and tools to ensure the quality, consistency, and overall excellence of Arora’s work products.

Jason works closely with Arora’s operations and project management teams to consistently raise the bar, training and retraining on the use and execution of standards and operating procedures to maintain quality and ensure client satisfaction. Additionally, he utilizes best practices to meet all applicable legal and regulatory requirements as they pertain to the completion of projects.

Acting as liaison between the Advisory Board and the VP council, Jason maintains a strong focus on how Arora’s work directly impacts people, and is friendly, responsive, and sensitive to their needs, while focusing on innovation. He enjoys mentoring and helping others at Arora excel and grow their careers whether through technical skill, certification, or professional licensure, or on the business side learning project management or engaging in marketing activities.

Did You Know

Jason enjoys running marathons and spending time on his boat.

(610) 459-7900

BS, Electrical Engineering, Drexel University


Professional Engineer in six states


Digital Signage Certified Expert