Karen Hierman
Karen Hierman

Karen Hierman

Senior Vice President, Administration and Communications

Karen began her career in the field of interior design, utilizing her expert organizational skills, outstanding attention to detail, and her ability to follow through on any project. At Arora, Karen found that she could apply many of these same skills to administration, as each process and project must be executed thoroughly and evaluated on how it can be re-worked into something more functional, and sometimes beautiful.

In her role, Karen focuses on our company values and overall process implementation. She provides leadership to our administrative staff and ensures support for all office locations with the highest level of professionalism. Karen also collaborates with other departments to ensure implementation is communicated effectively throughout the organization.

Karen enjoys the variety of responsibilities in her role, as each day brings a new challenge. She also enjoys interacting and working with a lot of our staff across the country, as well as being involved in so many different aspects of life here at Arora. Both staff and management appreciate Karen’s sincerity, diligence, and optimism in the workplace.

Did You Know

Karen loves baking! She has taken some professional courses at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, and everyone at Arora has benefited from them.


Associate's Degree, Interior Design, Antonelli Institute