Steve Bisch
Steve Bisch, Director Enterprise Solutions

Steve Bisch

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering industries, Steve is an expert in Facilities Maintenance and Manufacturing Operations Management of large organizations, and the design and implementation of Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM). As Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Steve oversees Electronic Data, Inc. (EDI), Arora Technology Group (ATG), and Arora’s Geospatial Technologies Group, to ensure greater collaboration and innovation between these three practices within Arora, providing more unified and cohesive solutions for current and future clients.

Steve earned his degree in Chemical Engineering and has worked his entire career on the technical side of the business, starting in the pharmaceutical industry and transitioning to asset management before joining EDI in 2018, where he served as the Director of Operations. Steve brings a holistic approach to his management style, recognizing the diverse skill sets each person offers within a specific project or team and how they most effectively contribute to the group. Through his dedication to completing each project and his affinity for problem solving, Steve ensures every job reaches its fullest potential on its journey to success.

Did You Know
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Steve enjoys hanging out with his family and trying to keep up with his three daughters, as well as any new Star Wars movie and trying new exercise classes!

(727) 249-0764

MBA, Operations Management, Indiana University

BS, Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University